Thanks for considering supporting the project of Luzamunda. LuzaMunda is a non-profit based concept. Some upcoming parts of the project consists of services we provide, such as workshops, courses or retreats. Within the project we work with friends, family and volunteers. To build up the project we are open to receive free donations and gifts. Supporting is possible in two ways;


  • FREE DONATION or GIFT: one-off and non-committal
  • CROWDFUND: one-off or on a regular basis which makes you a Friend of LuzaMunda


We offer crowdfunding Friends of LuzaMunda a special annual visit & stay at our place. To see, to experience and to relax. For now LuzaMunda is in the early stage of startup. There is also the possibility to join specific activities when scheduled. Just have look at our Upcoming Events, choose and connect. Let us know your interests and contact us.



To support the project of LuzaMunda please transfer to: NL83 TRIO 019 773 1007

We would like to say thank you for your belief and encouragement



hen LuzaMunda gains a physical form by finding the land, we hope to welcome you as a volunteer. From then on upcoming primary activities will be mainly; ecological building and landscaping. A working holiday is one the possibilities. Please let us know if you have some special skills or experiences to contribute.


Follow us and keep yourself informed.