Pedrógão Grande

We are with you


In the weekend of 17 and 18 of June 2017 Portugal was confronted by the most deathliest forest-fires after 1949. Especially around the village of Pedrógão Grande (Central Portugal) the fire was devastating. At least 62 people lost their lifes when they got trapped by the fire near the IC-8. An unbelieveble tragedy has happened.. In the meantime (as we speak) forest-fires at several places around the country are still going on. The Portuguese government declared a state of emergency. The army was brought in and Portugal has declared 3 days of national mourning.

Lots of friends we do know in and around Pedrógão Grande are affected. We are very happy and relieved to know they’re all ok. Despite from all fear they have experienced, we really hope the material damage at their lands and houses will be minimal. We want to say to them and to all Portuguese people involved in these terrible fires;

We are with you, with our hearts and minds…