Frequently Asked Questions


Since when are you guys in Portugal and where exactly are you located?

We are living at the Iberian Peninsula since the beginning of September 2014. The area where we stay is located in the province of Alentejo (Alto Alentejo), in the eastern part of Portugal close to the Spanish border. We are in the North of a Natural Reserve called Parque Natural da Serra de São Mamede, close to Castelo de Vide. Around 200 km from Lisbon and 15 km from the city of Portalegre.


What exactly is it what´re you looking for?

Our dream is to start a low-impact way of living, self-sufficient, off the grid, easy going and in a fair balance with nature. We think simplicity is an essential part of life. Creating such a life in a North European country such as the Netherlands seems impossible. A lack of space, the high population density in combination with the govermental intervention makes us search elsewhere. For years, Portugal opened our eyes. We got inspired by all the beautiful initiatives, the space and nature in this wonderful country. Living a life, calm and peaceful in a nice rural area is still possible. This inspired us a lot…


What are you guys doing over there?

Our main goal is to discover the area and do more proper research. To get to know more about different plots of land and properties for sale. We focus at the possibilities and potencial of these places. Main issues we look at are for example: the watersupply, the location, position, exposure and vegetation, if the land is terraced and the accessibility. We look and compare. Beside this we´re busy to expand our contacts with the local community which are Portuguese and Northern European expats. With them we also exchange our findings. Their vision and experience can help a lot. In terms of daily activities: we hike a lot in the mountains (also to find hidden properties), we work in our just started vegetable garden and occasionally we get asked to do payed jobs. We work a lot at our plans online. To create and to increase a more fixed income. Also we write posts wich we add to our BLOG, to reach, inform and inspire more people. The remaining time we´re busy with practising yoga and learning Portuguese. We’re not bored for a moment.


So you want to live a life far away from society, isolated and completely on your selves?

NO, definitely not. While building our own project we want to live together with a close community and hope to create our project with family and friends. Both we are social persons appreciating our social contacts. We are convinced of the fact that we need people around us. Future activities on the land will be yoga, mindfulness, meditation, theme-weeks and smallscale eco-tourism. Yes we like people, we need eachother. No lonely island for us!


Okay, then I definitely will come to visit you guys. How do I do that?

Please start asking yourself the question if you are willing to take a plane. If yes, there are many ridiculous cheap flights to Porto, Lisbon and Faro, as you probably know. If not, get your bike fixed at the local bikeshop and start training. Or make an interesting combination with walking to Santiago de Compostela.


And where can I stay if I come?

Our wooden cottage is a bit too small to receive guests. In the close future we hope to receive you on our land. For a holiday, a yoga-week or to get practical by work. For now, there are many nice places around if you want to bring us a visit. Depending on your interests you can stay in the midieval centre of Castelo de Vide or Marvão. There are also possibilities to stay more rural or on a campsite. Please ask us.


Wait a minute, what about the weather overthere?

Come on, this is Portugal.. No, but good question. The best time to come over is (early) spring. If you like sauna please come in summer. Still plenty of water here, there are many rivers and lakes to jump into. Autum and winter can still be warm and wet at the same time. Tempatures of 25 degrees are still possible during winter. Thankfully we have a great variaty in seasons overhere. The Parque Natural da Serra de São Mamede is located in the transition area of the Atlantic and the Mediterean climate. The North is a bit more cooler and wet then the South. The area consists of mountains, mainly granite. Especially the mediterranean sea-climate influences the weather, which means hot summers and mild winters, with now and then lots of rain. The inlands of the Alentejo are also influenced by a warm flow from Andalusia.


And what about climate-change?

Unfortunately, climate-change is affecting the area, especially the South of Portugal, like parts of the Alentejo. According to proper research average temperature in Portugal will increase with 3 to 7 degrees upcoming age. The global temperature increase which is expected will likely be between 1.4 and 6.4 degrees. In fact, there was already a half-degree temperature increase per decade the last thirthy years in Portugal. With every degree warmer there will be 3% more precipitation. Rain will fall in larger amounts especially during the winterseason. The amount of rain over the years will decrease with 20 to 40%. The amount of heatwaves will increase. Welcome to Portugal!


If I have more questions?

Then please ask us by sending us an e-mail, text-message or by filling in the contact-form. We hope to see you. Bem-Vindo!